Kampen om Fredriksten

Kampen om Fredriksten

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Antall spillere: 2 - 4

Spilletid: 45 min

Alder: 10+

Språk: Norsk

In the family-friendly game Kampen om Fredriksten, players are merchant families in the city Halden in southern Norway during the 17th century. Players run their businesses and try to adapt to the events of the period, all while helping building the fort Fredriksten, which will protect the city from repeated attacks from the Swedish king, Karl XII.

Each round, you roll your dice and use them to activate your buildings. Each building can only be activated by a certain die value, and will provide money, construction material, soldiers, or victory points. If you erect buildings with different dice values, you will be able to utilize your dice most efficiently. Also, you can customize your buildings according to your needs by upgrading them with different combinations of cards, increasing or changing their production, or changing their required dice value. Contribute to the building of Fredriksten to receive extra resources, and make sure to have your private army ready when Karl XII attacks.