Harry Potter Quiz - Norsk utgave

Harry Potter Quiz - Norsk utgave

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Antall spillere: 2 - 4

Spilletid: 30 min

Alder: 10+

Språk: Norsk

Harry Potter trivia game with 840 questions in eight categories - one square for each movie.
All players start play on square 1, "Harry Potter og de vises sten" ("Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone"), and the active player reads out a question about this movie. Each other player chooses the A, B, or C answer token, and whoever answers correctly, advances to the next square.
Each subsequent question will be from the category matching the square of the most advanced player.
Once someone reaches goal, endgame commences, and once everybody has been the active player an equal number of times, the game ends.
In the endgame, the active player chooses which category to read from.

If only one player has reached the goal, that player wins.
If all players have reached the goal, everybody wins.
If several, but not all players have reached the goal, another player reads a question of their choice, and the tied players compete to answer correctly fastest, and each player only has one attempt per question.